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  1. I have thr discovery pro head unit and dynaudio with sub in the boot, so would I just need the badge camera to have this option working?
  2. Sometimes I consider getting the wheels refurbed black but I've had a few black wheels on black cars so actually liking the OEM look at the minute. Like you I think I might wait for an offer to come on for the software then get it done.
  3. I just listened to one on you tube, it does sound nice not sure I'd be able to live with it on a daily basis.
  4. That's a very good price that.
  5. I do believe that the V5 as stated is just a document as to who is the registered keeper and not the owner. However if you have a receipt for said motor vehicle this is then proof of purchase and if paid in full then you own that item. This is why I have my VW receipt for full payment of my vehicle showing I am the rightful owner.
  6. That's makes me feel better then Dave, ha ha.
  7. I think this is defo my way forward. I'd love stage 2 or 3 but I only do about 4k a year in the car and mainly around town. I also want to lower her and put wheel spacers on. I'm 40 year old and my wife thinks I'm mad, but I've always been a petrol head and had modified cars.
  8. How much did that set up cosy? Looks awesome.
  9. Firstly I always rinse the car off, I then use Maguires shampoo with a sheep's mitts working from the top down. A further hose down. I have previously used a clay bar to get rid of all the dust you can't see or has her removed from the wash process, followed by a futher wash and rinse. I use a luxury towel to dry most of the car and also a real chamios to mop up. I then have used either poorboys black hole or Maguires gold glass polish before then using poorboys wax. I never use anything other than shampoo on the wheels to stop the water ingress under the lacquer. It keeps it nice but I don't think I do have as much as some on here to their cars. I just wish I had their patience, expertise and time.
  10. All my own work. Begrudge paying someone lol
  11. Loving them discs. When it comes to time on mine I'll be changing to a similar set up.
  12. Thanks Dave, I think I will get the dsg done as well then, sounds like it makes it a more useable car. I have a pedal box fitted, town driving in green, spirited drive in Red.
  13. Thank you very much. I try to keep her looking as good as possible. Dreaded winter coming now though....
  14. Had the mk 7 dsg R for six months now. I tried a DTUK tunning box and it caused to car to go into limp mode, so removed it. However I feel I'd like to stage 1 the car. I only drive around town generally but for the odd spirited drive id like a bit more power. Also is a dsg map needed? Thanks Barry
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