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  1. Blue Mk 7, 3 dr this morning A66 westbound from A19 on Teessude park off slip around 0740hrs. Female driver with last three VWR, anyone from here? Bazza
  2. Isnt the mk7 exhaust oval on the end so round fake tips wont fit?
  3. I'm considering selling my mk7, 2016 3 door in black. 19 Prets, heated leather, dynaudio, larger discovery nav screen, stage 1 JB4 and spacers if your interested. Full history etc.
  4. Oh well you have 3 spare tyres and a new wife on order, not a bad week there lol
  5. What sort of bhp is map 1 running? So you advise map 4 for dsg car and what sort of figures should I expect here?
  6. Bazandbeanz


    I can understand the issue around it and I do not profess to know all the answers. I just saw the government state they would pay employees and self employed people to not work, but I do not know how they claimed cash etc. I know that this virus will have a major effect on the economy and we are in for a long recession because of it, so employed or self employed we are all going to suffer.
  7. Bazandbeanz


    We are told that we are to educate people, fine then arrest for being being out not doing essential trips/work(those doing essential work should have a printed template to show police their role is that, essential). So to me unless your work is essential, and as the government have told us on numerous occasions they will cover wages then there is no need to be out, so I would start with education. Obviously there appears to be miscommunication between the government, police and public who should be out.
  8. Bazandbeanz


    This is true, I'm not an [email protected] like I know some in my job can be, like any job really. I try my dam hardest to treat people right, how i would like to be treated roles reversed, but as you state some people cannot be educated. That then causes us to look bad and jobs worths because have then had o other option to fine or taking the ultimate decision to take someone liberty from them.
  9. Sorry only had the R a year and not heard of this mod. Where can I get the blanking plates? I think I'll do this and get the TT intake for the extra 10bhp.
  10. Bazandbeanz


    As about mate, an emergency is essential. Imagine my colleagues or me turning up, we are not best serving him, we don't know him. I know it's a difficult decision to make but it was needs must and you clearly had a genuine reason to break lockdown. I hope all gets sorted with the son today when he had time to rest, maybe take stock and give you and himself answers to move forward. All the best.
  11. Bazandbeanz


    Like the man and wife I challenged in our street yesterday, I really couldn't believe my ears.
  12. Bazandbeanz


    Well mate you take the risk then. As we are told at work different. I find people out without good reason educate, educate, educate, fine and then arrest. Work because you want to is no excuse. The government has offered to pay people for a reason. 10000 people have died in the UK fro. This virus. STAY HOME, PROTECT THE NHS, SAVE LIFES.
  13. Bazandbeanz


    Tell us, we will grass him up!!
  14. Bazandbeanz


    I read the one about the supermarket and on the face of it would say that's over the top. However having done this job for a long time I suspect that there is more too it and persons had been caught out breaking the rules and trying to blame the police for being over zealous. We are told to educate, educate, educate then enforce then arrest at last resort.
  15. Bazandbeanz


    Ministers are right like clocks twice a day only. They lie constantly. They will probably by changing their minds knowing this virus will but the UK in recession like the rest of the world so thinking save money now. We were told to fine and arrest people who were out flaunting the laws, and this included people making non essential trips. Now we are being told we are heavy handed for stopping, educating people who are driving out to B&Q for DIY items...... the police never win.
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