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  1. I've tried to use it and I'm clueless lol. I think I might need to do the coding changes via my phone while reading on here because trying to change between apps on phone is an issue.
  2. I've contacted them and provided me with the code. Must have forgot to put the slip in when sending it to me. They did apologise. Cheers Barry
  3. Hi, I have just received my obdeleven device and paid for the pro activation. The only thing in my package was the unit but nothing regards the pro activation. Will this be set on the device or do I need to contact Obd? Baz
  4. This is a mod I fancy too. Might have to keep an eye out on the VRS site.
  5. So today got back in car after sat for two days, EML now gone out. 😕
  6. Do it your self, bit of clean up with wire brush, wipe over to remove dust and then hammerite metal paint in your desired colour..... jobs a good un.
  7. You're really in the hands of the court gods now id say. From my side I really couldn't comment on a possible outcome but eating humble pie is your best way forward. I've processed people to court for nailed on driving offences who got off and vice versa. Good luck with it all.
  8. 91 in a 50 zone ultimately is always going to be a court appearance as it's so much higher than the allowed threshold to be dealt with by the officer or camera enforcement unit. I'm guessing you was witnessed either on a static/mobile enforcement camera or by a traffic/RPU unit with speed detection equipment in their car? Also I'm guessing you was cautioned, questioned and issued a NIP? If I can be of help I will, I am a advanced driver and have been a police interceptor.
  9. I guess it's easy enough to do, I really am crap with technology. 😳
  10. Excellent, I'll be checking that. I want stop/start off, pace lights, brighter DRL lights for starters.
  11. I've ordered an OBDELEVEN and pro pack today so in future I can check before going to VW.
  12. Ill try take it off and see if the light stays on. I always heard good things on the DTUK so went for that.
  13. I have a DTUK tunning box and pedal box, other than that nothing. Obviously I won't have them on when I take the car in.
  14. Yeah the guy did say the diagnostic cost should be covered by my 12 month warranty if it's a manufacture problem. He said if it isn't I have to pay the £60 fee. But I cannot see an EML light come on and not be a manufacturers issue? 😕
  15. Thank you. I best order one, not wanting go pay lookets VW £60, but bet they like any dealers will say it has to go on their diagnostics machine!! 🤬
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