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  1. This was Zachary Arnold with the jamaican bandana, a long hair Rottweiler. Sadly had to let him go as he was 14 and getting major health problems. Our other dog, Francesca Marie with the pink bandana. A Bull mastiff cross lurcher.
  2. Thank you. I have OBD11 so I'll recode the new battery.
  3. Theres some of my old cars, and few current ones between me and the wife.
  4. Bazandbeanz


    RIP Paul. Never met him that k am aware of however i will have probably seen you both as i live in Billingham but work Stockton and Hartlepool. Baz
  5. Pedal box is great. Once you use it you wont go back to the normal set up.
  6. I have had to purchase a new battery as my now 4 year old battery wont hold its charge. I have ordered a new AGM to replace my EFB battery. I got a exide EK700 70ah type 096 unit for £92 with 3 year warranty. Just to let people know if you need a new battery Tayna batteries via their ebay shop have a sale on until 28th Feb. Baz
  7. Having thought about it, I think the reason I did go for Costco was that at £413, I had to add £35 membership and then £36 fitting and 60 miles round trip of fuel, so I'd be upwards of £500. I have found them local at £506 but with topcashback I was getting £37 back so totalled £469 for F1 Assy 5 just two minutes from me.
  8. Which Costco did you use? I've got some on order local for £470. My nearest Costco is Gateshead but I also don't have a membership.
  9. I managed to get a full set of 235 35 19 Assy 5 with local fitting to me next week at £506 with £37 cashback via topcashback. So I didnt think £470 was bad compared to £600 for MPS4's.
  10. Is Exide any good? I have one fitted to my wife's BM, seems to work well and when I bought it thr guy in the battery shop rated them as good as a bosch. But mindful he was selling me a battery. The Exide is £99 for a 096 AGM 70ah battery.
  11. I would like to have replaced them with MPS4s but they were another £130. The reviews say the Assy 5 is just as good in the dry and maybe better in the wet. I really only do town driving so being cheaper was good as I need a new battery too, think after 4 years this ones giving up the goose.
  12. Sorry should have said, yeah Assy 5's.
  13. Thanks for the Reply. My nearest costco is Gateshead which would be a 60 mile round trip, so 1/4 tank of fuel. I've found some Goodyear Eagle F1 235 35 19 near me for £470 at Protyre so I've opted for them. It would be £455 and then the drive up to Costco. Barry
  14. Hi, I have found Goodyear Eagle F1s on Costco at £100 off 4 tyres. However I am not a member, can I use or borrow someones membership? I was looking to book at Gateshead sight. Thanks Barry.
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