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  1. Am I the only one who can't take his eyes off the 'saggy leather' drivers seat? If it's like that on a new car what's it going to look like after 6 months? Yep, it caught my eye right away. The standard seats are far better looking and free!
  2. Nice! Exactly the same spec as I would go for if I were in the market for an 8R. The 7.5R PP had better brakes but not this case this time around. The exhaust is an overpriced extravagance IMHO. Having had a few cars with leather seats and later regretted it, the latest 8R seats in fabric look spot-on with the blue inserts, far nicer than the leather offered. It's horrid!
  3. Indium

    Buy or not?

    It's none of my business, but I don't really see the point of buying a car if only planning on keeping it for a year. Would you not be better just leasing or whatever. The last 5 or 6 cars I've bought (all brand new) I've kept for 12 years, 7 years, 10 years & 11 years, and I suspect my 19 plate R Estate will still be mine come 2030 and perhaps longer.
  4. I'd guess the 20" wheels quoted is a mistake/mistype. Despite misgivings generally about the interior. I do rather like the standard fabric/alcantara seats. Very nice IMHO.
  5. Thanks all. That was a detailed overview Rebecca, much appreciated. I'll get some of the BH Autowheels and give it a try.
  6. Was out washing my R yesterday and was giving the Spielberg alloys a good scrub. Noticed that the groove that runs behind the spokes was rough to the touch on the front pair but glossy on the rear pair, as it should be. Are the fronts affected by iron fallout? What's the best stuff to get it removed? Bilt Hamber Korrosol or BH Auto wheel? Many thanks.
  7. Or wait a few months after launch and get a loaded pre-registered R for £K's less. I'm sure there will be lots to be had. Still doesn't get around the car tax hike though.
  8. One wonders if, location, driver age, if garaged overnight, mileage, etc. is taken into account with regards to the likelihood of increased premiums. A case of wait and see.
  9. That's interesting. I received my renewal notice around a month ago from LV for my Golf R (circa £400) and due to renew tomorrow. No mention of any increase etc. In the meantime, I have moved house from West Sussex to Orkney, so called them last week to change the details. Received a revised quote £60 cheaper! One wonders what awaits next year however....
  10. Indium

    New S3

    It's supposed to be a nod in the direction of the original Audi Sport Quattro: https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1122772_try-not-to-drool-over-this-1986-audi-sport-quattro-for-sale
  11. Quite a few nearly new for sale circa £30K: https://www.motors.co.uk/volkswagen/passat/trim/r-line-edition/used-cars/ That Maxton kitted car is very smart bar the grill badge. Would look far better left as was. Each to their own however.
  12. Ha-ha, I have to agree, from certain angles there's an awkwardness to the design.
  13. Yes, that's what I reckoned. Shame about the road tax though. It's a big hit for however many years.
  14. Saw this post over on Facebook yesterday and thought it might be of interest. They look very nice in grey, albeit personally, I'd prefer a gloss finish. I read a post a while back re the cost if ordering from VW dealers and the cheaper price quoted was available depending on the VW system used to order them. Anyone have any further info?
  15. Very nice indeed! That must have been a very expensive R when new given the spec!
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