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  1. Tesco on the A96 just outside Inverness off the A9 is probably the last place you will get Momentum. There are Tesco petrol stations in Dingwall, Tain, Wick and Thurso but no Momentum in any of them unless that has changed recently. I'd be taking some Miller's octane booster to add to the tank unless you are happy to do half the NC500 on 95RON.
  2. Does anyone have a large size PDF of the above? Preferably with the colours named. I noticed that Opel are doing something similar on the latest Insignia in Europe. Any colour you like at a cost of course.
  3. Spot-on! Looks very classy which black certainly don't!
  4. One wonders if this is the finished article or just an assumption.
  5. Agreed, my 2019 R get's up to 90C in around 2 miles as well which is remarkable! Strangely, the oil temp doesn't register till it gets to 50C or so. It's up to 90C by 5 or 6 miles just now.
  6. They work as they should with no flex.
  7. Yep, exactly why black alloys don't work 90% of the time.
  8. I sort of doubt that very much. Any test drive I had was accompanied and was in 30/40 mph limits. No chance whatsoever to extend it, never mind Launch it.
  9. Agreed. I thought the same when I saw that photo. Can't help think a Mk7.5 R in that colour & with those wheels would have looked spot-on!
  10. Likewise re the mileage on mine, albeit not far off now though. I'll need to check what the in-car service indicator is saying. Yes, the Performance Pack sealed the deal for me. Indium Grey was my preferred colour as it's more subtle. Atlantic blue would have been next.
  11. Good stuff. Should be with you in few days time. Will be interested to hear how you get on. Re the 'Oil Service Due Warning', How many miles have you done in the last year? Yes, I suspect mine was one of those stored for a while too. No keyless on mine either (thankfully) but no rear camera which I would have liked. But it had only done 2500 miles when I bought it in late October 19.It did have the PP pack with 19" Spielbergs and Indium Grey paint which I wanted.
  12. Same thoughts here re the service book. I bought an Ebay service book (£10). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-VOLKSWAGEN-GOLF-SERVICE-BOOK-NEW-UNUSED-NOT-DUPLICATE-ALL-VW-2010-2018/372804426976?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I can't see why they wouldn't fill it in to be honest. But yes, the receipts are more important to keep for onward sale etc. My 19 plate R estate isn't due it's first service until June. Will find out then! 🙂 Still to find out why mine had its PDI late April but wasn't registered until late June.
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