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  1. I extended mine to five years from new and it look's like I'll be extending it again.
  2. I have 4x A4 signs DO NOT WASH ,dash board,passenger seat,back parcel shelf and one in the boot. I'v seen VW washers with their sponge do the sills, then stand back and see bits they have missed on the roof or bonnet scrape straight over them. ahahaha .No thanks I'll wash it myself.
  3. 19" Cadiz are available to order for Golf R in Germany, so you can get original vw 19" Cadiz for GOLF for sale on German ebay
  4. I had mine in for its 3rd year service and asked about dsg and haldex ? . They showed me on their computer 3 years or 30,000 for the haldex. 4 years or 40,000 for dsg. My car is 64 reg and I extended the warranty to 5 years from new, so following vw recommendations for servicing .To keep my warranty right. I will not be at the mileage so just the time 3&4 years.
  5. What I done in my garage, I knocked an opening in the inside wall inserted a lintel .The opening is only high enough for the door to clear and only needs to be about 500 mm wide.I stuck a piece of 50 mm insulation in the cavity and my door opened up into this space (its an outside wall so double brick with a cavity) .Since then I had a problem accessing my garage due to power cuts and my emergency release snapped.The only way I could gain access was to knock a hole through the outside wall,I knocked it in line with the inside opening. I then decided to carry on and put a personnel door in ( its only 1450 mm by 750 mm) it saves any problems with emergency opening of the garage door. My car door now opens even wider so its no problem at all. (mine is a 3 door and my garage is 2.5 wide inside).
  6. Its 30,000 miles or 3 years which ever comes first for the Haldex pump.Its 40,000 miles or 4 years for the dsg gearbox.
  7. I know the passenger side is connected to the cooling system.I read some where DSG have both side's and manual's one side,except in hot country's where they all have both side's.
  8. Ok sorry I thought the sub was in the spare wheel space
  9. Hi and welcome along, White best and fastest colour
  10. Redgem

    Newbie alert!

    Yes I still liked my mk5 GTI but been more than happy with the R
  11. Hi and welcome along
  12. I'm sure you'll love it
  13. Must make sure my Mrs dose not see this
  14. Fingers crossed hope its ok for you now
  15. Yes you have made the right choice
  16. Yes hope you have better luck soon
  17. Redgem

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    Hi and welcome along
  18. Redgem

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    Hi and welcome along
  19. OK it might sound better but what about when you need a spare?
  20. Hi hope you are still enjoying your R
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