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  1. Golf3R

    Wind Deflectors

    I smoke too. And have a 3 door so can’t open rear windows (or I would) no rattle at all, and can keep the Windows slightly open with no fear of flooding. From research the climair are approved legitimate wind deflectors. Others are not. I get the boy racer thing but dont spend my time worrying about other people’s thoughts. If I did I would have bought a Prius.
  2. Golf3R

    Images 8/12mm H&R spacers

    Found some online, ordering them now! ~ £130 including bolts. No lockers though, where would i get them from?
  3. Golf3R

    Best black VW badges

    are the badges the same on the 7 and 7.5r?
  4. Golf3R

    The best colour

    My last black car was an e46 m3 vert. That was 6/7 years ago. I have had 2 white BMWs and 2 grey Golf Rs since. It is only fair that my next one be a black m3, or black m4 vert!
  5. Golf3R

    Images 8/12mm H&R spacers

    Nice! How much were they including the bolts?
  6. Golf3R

    The best colour

    Grey and black or white and black (in my oppinion) are the best colour combinations on the 7.5r. But that’s personal taste. Best individual colour for me will always be black. But that will be my next car (black m3)
  7. Golf3R

    Drive Mode Percentages

    Race mode = 99.9% Normal mode = 0.1% (before changing into race mode)
  8. Golf3R

    Wind Deflectors

    Fitted climair to mine just now. Took all of 10 minutes, will test them tomorrow. i like my windows open a little for fresh air, so hopefully this will fix water dripping and the wind!
  9. Golf3R


    Black prets 👌🏽
  10. Golf3R

    Tyre pressure warning system

    All unrelated ie not due to the repairs failing?
  11. Golf3R

    Tyre pressure warning system

    I got a warning today too. Didn’t think anything at first till the rear of the car started strafing. Large Screw in the middle of the tyre. Got to a merityre and they fixed it, but it makes me nervous so I may just drop £160 on a new tyre Merry Christmas 😡
  12. I also feel and hear loud clicking on all gear changes and was told that this is normal for the 7.5r dsg
  13. On cold ish start when changing from 1st to 2nd at around 2.5-3k rpm i get a loud thud from beneath me as if the gear box is dropping and smashing into the ground. It’s scary as hell. And very loud. Its always happened on my 7.5r and im bored of taking it back to Vw (inchape Twickenham) to be told there’s nothing wrong with the car.
  14. Golf3R

    Getting my exhaust fitted.

    im from kingston/new malden gents!