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  1. Sounds like your DPF is close to hitting the regen limit. I had a 2010 Polo TDI which did this just before the DPF light was about to come on. Maybe give it a blast down the motorway for 10-15 mins in 4th gear (need to be above 2000rpm to trigger the regen)
  2. Think it would be during the month prior to March and September, particularly in the fortnight before as that’s when dealers are really keen to close the deal to make room in their inventory for the new plates.
  3. I don’t normally use CarPlay as I like the standard nav in front of me on the virtual cockpit which you can’t get. I also didn’t like the app for music as it just looked so basic. However iOS 13 is revamping CarPlay. The link below also mentions CarPlay now supports secondary displays so I might give it a second chance, especially if Waze works on it. https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/06/05/everything-new-coming-to-carplay-in-ios-13/amp/
  4. Get well soon mate. I was in a similar state myself over the last couple of months with a viral liver infection. It was horrendous not being able to drive my R for 7 weeks. However the urge to drive the R never waned and when I started it up after almost 2 months of it being stationary on my driveway, it fired up perfectly and after a burst down the motorway, the stop/start was back too!
  5. Interesting, my local is Cardiff and my service is due fairly soon so I wonder if they’ll offer to clean the filter when it’s in for the service.
  6. Passed mine in my instructors Peugeot 207. Absolutely hated that car and the clutch was so worn for a 3 month old car that the bite was virtually non-existent.
  7. They look soo much better now they’re painted! Really want that with my silver Prets now!! Hope you don’t mind me asking which colour you got and what size tin you bought?
  8. Sorry to hear this mate. I had my rear door dented a year back in a retail park car park. I had no choice but to park in the middle of the car park as it’s so small and even though I found an end space and parked right on the outside line to maximise the distance between my car and the car next to me, some cretin (I’m fairly sure it was the white GLC that I parked next to) decided to open their door onto mine whilst I was in the shops. I didn’t realise until the next morning. Fortunately there was no paint damage and a PDR sorted it. The PDR guy did such an amazing job that there is nothing visible or even felt to the touch.
  9. Happy New Year All!! Here’s to a great 2019 ahead in our respective Rs 🍻🥂
  10. 50% Eco 40% Normal 10% Race I like eco mode since the roads around me are generally flat so I can coast from light to light most of the time. Only tend to stick it in Normal when I’m climbing uphill and Race for those special occasions, when required 😉
  11. My R was absolutely filthy after 600+ miles of wet weather driving over the past fortnight so started with a double hit of pre-wash with Power Maxed TFR followed by BH Auto Foam. Then washed using a cola flavoured shampoo 😋. Rinsed car showed almost zero remaining protection of the existing AF Aqua Coat layer so decided to take the time to use Blackfire Crystal Sealant. All I can say about it is Wow, a breeze to apply and a wonderful gloss coming off the car. Also took advantage of the dry and relatively mild weather to clay the glass around the car and apply some Soft99 Glaco Ultra to protect the windscreens ready for when the big freeze arrives. No doubt I’ll have topped it up before then but for now it’ll save my new set of wipers from constant use 😊 Need to work on the interior, especially the glass.
  12. Merry Christmas All!! Hope you all have a great day and get the presents you wished for!
  13. I’m sticking with VW so most likely another R hatchback. Although if I need to get a bigger car - space and engine - then I might get a RS6.
  14. I purchased a grey telescopic post from these guys http://www.securitybollardsdirect.co.uk/security-bollards.html and it is very good. Generally a good visual deterrent and it looks very. Did wake up one morning with a tree branch stuck inbetween the handle but it was probably just kids messing about as they walked past my driveway
  15. Have they renamed Tumeric Yellow to Curry Yellow? 😂
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