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  1. Damion

    Golf GTi TCR vs Golf R

    If the TCR is a very limited run id get that, looks impressive. R wins especially as an everyday car.
  2. Damion

    Irish R owners thread

    I thought that would be a bit of a coup! i use the Topaz fuel but I’m not convinced on the boosters. With the rise of Hybrids and E cars I suspect we will never see 98 on our forecourts. Shame.
  3. Damion

    Irish R owners thread

    Need to watch out for metallic in the boosters, first sign is the plugs to start playing up. I’ve not even seen a 98 Ron pump in the country since they changed the tax rules so I’ll be visiting that Applegreen next week!
  4. Damion

    Irish R owners thread

    Is that the right price for the 98? i know south Dublin is expensive but that’s pushing it!
  5. Damion

    Irish R owners thread

    Still have them, give me a shout if you want them. ill put them on the for sale section with phone no ta
  6. Damion

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    A more imersive drive, lots of time for Automatic's when I retire......
  7. Damion

    Technology Pack

    All the Irish VW's come with a tech pack, varies by model but mormally Nav, Rear CView amera and Car play activated.
  8. Damion

    Irish R owners thread

    Guys, Anyone know of or seen any Cadiz for sale in 19''? Im on the look out for 2 to complete a set, failing that I may sell the 2 I have if anyone is looking for a spare. Thanks
  9. Damion

    Golf R DRL's

    The 7.5's are much better IMHO, definition and looks, and add the sweeping LED rears your bang up to date!
  10. Damion

    Rear brake disc scoring

    Got 30K on my mk7, but wont get factory rears again. Would anyone have the part numbers for Bembo discs and pads for the rears? Many thanks
  11. Damion

    where do I start !

    Gap insurance will not deter them entering your house either, and I would suggest the blow torch is a bit dramatic and rare. (well I hope so) Most are burglaries are opportunists, often people always say 'I can't believe how easily they got in and out'. I would always start with securing your home, Monitored Alarm, CCTV, Sensors, locks and fixtures at least at Secured by design standard or above. Nothing will stop them but most are opportunist so deterring them is the best you can do. Autowatch does pose a threat of them coming back in but with an alarm ringing, lights on, CCTV pointing at them would they? maybe? If you are in an area with high levels of armed burglaries perhaps its not a good idea to fit it.
  12. Damion

    where do I start !

    Scumbags, I feel for you, at least no one was hurt and you got the car back. Maybe worth asking the garage to see if they can look at the rev limiter to see if it was exceeded. Autowatch Ghost on mine so even with the keys they won't get anywhere.
  13. Damion

    Golf R & Golf GTD 7.5 Daily

    Ive had both, and the GTD is a very nice car, but if you measure the width of the smile from driving the R it wins every time.
  14. Damion

    7.5 R Think i have a cracked sump?

    Cheers, a good spot this, and hopefully it saves a sump!
  15. Damion

    7.5 R Think i have a cracked sump?

    Ordered mine last week, Dealer said i need 11 smaller screws as well (as per diagram) as the aforementioned 3 above. 15 cent each so i went all out!