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  1. How did code this on a FL? I couldt find it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. I just coded the soundaktor to 50%, so its possible to do some changes, no luck with exhaust flaps though
  3. I just got the pinalloy ones.. rather big, but dirt cheap and does the job
  4. Thanks! Haha, the E-golf and GTE is ridiculously cheap here and Golf's has always been popular, its not that people care so much about the environment, but with a electric car you can charge for free, park for free, drive through tolls for free, and even use the Taxi/bus lane so you don't have to stand in traffic.
  5. A few pictures of mine picked it up this friday!
  6. I ordered the 10th of February and Im taking delivery tomorrow, so that's makes it approx. 10 weeks from order to delivery
  7. Do we know for a fact that the facelift does this without the akrapovic exhaust? i know the FL S3 does, but as long as this is just ECU software i doesnt have to transfer over to the Golf.
  8. Same as me, been at the port for almost 2 weeks, and i have Lapiz 5 door LHD DSG in order. My dealer said its a problem with COC/Approval on the R´s. Order date February 10th, built March 16th
  9. Because you don't have an estate?
  10. Carbon sidemirror option Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Maybe in the UK, but not from factory, as I, who ordered a new 7.5R in Norway had to pay for it as an option, also saw someone from Romanina had to do the same thing on here earlier.
  13. Then you would have to change the headlights and fenders as well?
  14. It's not exactly the same.. 6 speed dsg = 4.9sec 7 speed dsg = 4.6sec
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