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  1. https://www.evo.co.uk/volkswagen/golf/r
  2. Audi Matrix lights are without a doubt the biggest revelation/improvement ive witnessed in a car for years! These things are like magic!
  3. After coming from an Audi with Matrix lights adaptive is the only thing i regret not ticking on the R. Is the VW system a matrix type system though or more aligned with the Audis that just go full beam and dipped for you?
  4. rear view camera and the adaptive lights at no cost is an absolute win!
  5. Its very unlikely the mild hybrid will add any 'real' power as its clearly the system audi is using in the A8, Q7, A6 etc. Where I hope it will come into its own is improving long distance/town economy. 4.3 secs with 328bhp seems bang on compared to the current R. I for one cant wait to see the mk8, and if it looks good theres no doubt im upgrading asap. Although that 328bhp arteon shooting brake sounds appealing vs a mk8 R estate as my next 'dad car'
  6. 67 DSG here, and i sometimes get the same feeling.... I was sure i had an 'issue' maybe turbo, but all is apparently well. I think its a number of things. The turbo 4 pots arent actually super torquey which gives you the pull/shit this things fast feeling coupled with the fact they are rev hungry and the sloppy DSG/pedal feel in drive mode i think it feels slower than it is at times. I have found to really get the best out of the R its in the high rev range and you really have to be on it, they come alive at 7/8/9 tenths but 95% of the time thats just not safe on public roads. This is also compounded by just how capable the car is, the complete lack of drama a lot of the time again makes it feel slow but you look down and realise how effortly you are hitting these speeds. Its a phenomena all round package especially if you are lucky enough to have one as a daily, but the fact its so good loses it points with that one thing we love as car guys, Character, and this often comes from flaws.... This is exactly where I get the M140i thing. They are almost the exact opposite, fall apart above 8 tenths, have more torque, and struggle with traction etc in non perfect conditions. What does this mean, drama, excitement and a real feeling of speed. Theres not much, especially for the price (RS3 saloon, B9 RS4) I woud rather have as my everyday car. But if i had a run about and wanted something to really set my heart on fire at the weekend would I but a Golf R, probably not.
  7. argh i cant decide if i want to paint mine black or not! Indium7.5
  8. Do you have colour reference for that smoke chrome?
  9. Yeah Im on a not convinced by black day after seeing a set yesterday. you just lose all the shape. I had to have one re-furbed and its a slightly different shade to the others, no one else seems to notice but Im sure theres people here who understand why its buggin the hell outta me. Im going to have all 4 re sprayed at some point I just need to find THE colour, at the moment im obsessed with the satin silver on the Porsche GT3RS wheels. I might even just get a new set of wheels http://veemann.com/veemann-v-fs18.html
  10. Indium lover here, but still cant decide if I want my silver prets black or not. I keep changing my mind day to day!
  11. you have just sole me on S2T, are the B2 much longer and did you get hit with customs?
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