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  1. Not being funny but are the best people to ask not the people that mapped it? Unless you feel uncomfortable approaching them? They have the equipment to not only do the job but tell you if there is anything holding the car back. Any answers on here will be pure guess work.
  2. At the end of the day what is a dyno number really. It's a number to brag about, most important thing to be concerned with is the quality of the map, what psi is the boost running, is it running lean or rich, if all this is looking good then you have a good map and a fast car. you could easily go to another dyno and get 380, then another and get 375, then another and get 394.....what does it mean, not much. Air Atmosphere, % loss, actual dyno manufacturer, all come into play for figures. My 2 cents, if you wanna change things change them, if you want more noise etc go for it but if it's very fast and your happy I wouldn't touch it for a while until you realise what it is you'd like to change once you are used to the car.
  3. The induction kit looks good, very similar to the VWR 600 kit but with a 3rd air intake section added.
  4. I guess if there is a defect say in the engine somewhere, that is going to let go before warranty runs out, for an unmodified car VW foot the bill. The same defect but with a modified car means you foot the bill.....even though it was VWs problem, but you modified the car so they put their hands up and lay it all on you. So my assumption is people wait until they have to cover the cost to tinker with the car. Just in case something would of happened anyway, modified or not. Hope I explained that right, been a long day lol.
  5. It did state this was for 'fully finished' cars. Wonder if there would be a loop hole there to be exploited, bring a car in minus a door and have the door delivered and fitted at the dealers, meaning no % hike as the car wasn't technically finished. But as you say the chance of a no deal is slim to none. I'd say there's more chance of a compete 180 on the whole thing at this stage the way it has all gone.
  6. Direct line have been the best for me, but they don't allow modifications I believe. They say their cheaper than comparison sits as you have to go direct, they were the best for me.
  7. Well you tried, was always going to be an uphill battle. You can't prove indefinitely something didn't hit it, so it's the most logical conclusion which means they don't have to take responsibility. Sucks for you, but I guess its just an unfortunate event.
  8. Sounds to me like the current place is just a ticking time bomb, to much of the unknown for your future, do you get the business, do you not. Will you be able to invest whats needed etc etc You're not being as mercenary leaving, your being responsible, looking at your future for your family and making a decision which not only benefits you but them in the long run. A bit more financial stability is a great thing. One thing I'd say being a complete outsider and just reading what you've said in this thread, if you do move, up your game. Remove your "lazy" ish side that the current employment has created and have the mind set your worth the new wage and you'll prove your new wage. Best of luck bud.
  9. You need a solicitor. One to guide you through getting in writing what you need from your current boss if he does intend on leaving you a business. Does the premises belong to your boss? Is there a mortgage being paid? If not I can't see him handing it over to you for nothing. He'll want at least what the building is worth, or he'll allow you to run the place and invest but he holds on to the premises and takes a rent from you. Lots of variables here that turn a good opportunity into a headache, I've been in a situation where it all seemed gravy but when you dive deep in what was being offered and asked for wasn't actually sustainable. Having your own place certainly doesn't mean swanning in at 10am and having an easy life, I'm first in last out in my place, I cover anyone who's sick on top of what i already do, you take on all the responsibilities of finance, stock, repairs and there will also be things you maybe don't even know your current boss is dealing with that you'll be taking on. Being the "boss" isn't always what it's cracked up to be. It's a difficult decision, personally the easy decision is to jump ship and go to the new job in my opinion. But what is one mans headache is another mans opportunity. If you stay, get a contract written up between you and the boss to secure the future. That on it's own will cost you, solicitors fees etc. But you need to know legally where you stand first and foremost.
  10. If you can afford it full exhaust hands down. If moneys a bit tighter, the res delete is a great mod. I have it and I love it. Ultimately I want a full system, but £2K on an exhaust just isn't an option at the moment.
  11. So not exactly the same thing but.....In my old house I had triple glazing, it was a house I built myself, was a year old, came downstairs to see a large pain of glass had fractured and broken. It was the centre piece of the triple glazing, so it was most defiantly not hit by anything as both pieces of glass exposed to the inside and outside of the house were fine. There was no extreme temperature drop as it was spring time. The point being glass can be defective, the glazing company replaced it no questions asked and at no cost to me so I'm surprised VW wouldn't offer that as it's hardly like they get this issue every week. Hope you get a better result on this and just glad no one was injured mate.
  12. I did, I bought the VAG Sports one from progressive parts, https://progressiveparts.com/vagsport-vw-golf-mk7-75-r-resonator-delete-pipe-kit-vagsp10002 With flaps closed (car in normal mode) it's basically like it isn't there. There is no issue at all, if you gun it you get a bit more noise, but certainly no drone cruising. Then once you select S in the gearbox and the valves open you have a noticeable change, but it's still not to loud IMO, burbles and cracks are great on over run but their at their loudest in 1st gear, any gears above and there really not that loud from inside the car. A very worthwhile and inexpensive mod. I'm very happy I did it.
  13. The 7.5 that is currently out on the roads is the one people will want, the 310 version.
  14. Feeling the same about my 7.5, seem to have gotten the R in its best moment with the 310 engine.
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