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  1. bluntcap

    Exploding Sunroof

    So not exactly the same thing but.....In my old house I had triple glazing, it was a house I built myself, was a year old, came downstairs to see a large pain of glass had fractured and broken. It was the centre piece of the triple glazing, so it was most defiantly not hit by anything as both pieces of glass exposed to the inside and outside of the house were fine. There was no extreme temperature drop as it was spring time. The point being glass can be defective, the glazing company replaced it no questions asked and at no cost to me so I'm surprised VW wouldn't offer that as it's hardly like they get this issue every week. Hope you get a better result on this and just glad no one was injured mate.
  2. bluntcap

    BCS Res Delete Review

    I did, I bought the VAG Sports one from progressive parts, https://progressiveparts.com/vagsport-vw-golf-mk7-75-r-resonator-delete-pipe-kit-vagsp10002 With flaps closed (car in normal mode) it's basically like it isn't there. There is no issue at all, if you gun it you get a bit more noise, but certainly no drone cruising. Then once you select S in the gearbox and the valves open you have a noticeable change, but it's still not to loud IMO, burbles and cracks are great on over run but their at their loudest in 1st gear, any gears above and there really not that loud from inside the car. A very worthwhile and inexpensive mod. I'm very happy I did it.
  3. The 7.5 that is currently out on the roads is the one people will want, the 310 version.
  4. Feeling the same about my 7.5, seem to have gotten the R in its best moment with the 310 engine.
  5. bluntcap

    How old are we all?

  6. bluntcap

    LV= Very Happy

    Did a quote last night, 34 years old, clean license etc etc £730 LOL. no chance.
  7. bluntcap

    Must have mods

    A must have IMO is a ceramic coating on the car, I've just had mine done, body work, alloys and brake calipers. Fully sealed and protected, not a mod I guess but a must have, especially in my case as the car is brand new. I also have a pedal box which was a night and day difference so well worth it. Also did a resonator delete which was a brilliant (and cheap) mod to do which makes a great difference. Stage 1 coming next year after hearing all the rave reviews. Would also like to get a set of H&R 20mm springs, spacers and some BBS wheels.
  8. bluntcap

    Just viewed a car.. What would you do?

    Are they summer or winter tyres? May have been changed for the season rather than any other reason? Alternatively following your gut is the best option. But people do run winter rims and tyres. In this case it may be a simple reason.
  9. bluntcap

    Resonator delete pipe - Yes or No?

    My 7.5 sounded, well rubbish. Nothing interesting at all no matter what mode I was in, no matter how hot the exhaust was etc etc. Res delete was a perfect mod for me, not loud, not even noticeable really in normal mode, but pop it into sport (dsg box) and enjoy the sportier sound, crackles and pops when you want. For me the car now sounds how I feel it should have from the start. I don't think I could do a full turbo back now, had loud exhausts before and not really wanting to go back to that, the res delete was a perfect solution for me personally.
  10. bluntcap

    How can I tell if my R is mapped?

    Same here, my 7.5 changes itself even in M mode using the paddles. It doesn't seem to allow the car to hit the limiter.
  11. bluntcap

    Indium with black prets

    Indium Grey and black Prets is my spec and I love how it looks, as above its set off perfectly with the black mirrors and privacy glass.
  12. bluntcap

    What did you do to your R today?

    Keep the valves closed and you're golden.
  13. bluntcap

    What did you do to your R today?

    Got a resonator delete fitted.....now the car sounds how it should have from factory😎
  14. bluntcap

    Idiot post- re: launch control.

    Do you not need to press ESC until it switches everything off? That's how I have to do it. One press but hold it for 5 seconds or so. Nah not a time out just if you don't launch it it just reverts back one you press the ESC buttin etc.
  15. bluntcap

    Idiot post- re: launch control.

    You'll be fine mate Do you know the proper launch sequence now?