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  1. They look superb and should have been standard. Need to get mine in soon. I would really appreciate it if you have any pics of the wiring looms and the wires you spliced when you have the time. What did you do for the airbag light. Also do you really need the occupancy sensors as I have mine switched off.
  2. They fit easy enough, I'm trying to find heated seat adaptors ond a method to swit h off the airbags. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. For everyday use there was not much difference to be honest between the 2 cars however when you start to push them the difference is very apparent, i felt i was having to try a lot harder in the CS to get anything like the feeling i get in the R. The handling difference is as you'd expect between AWD and 2WD again really apparent when you start pushing the car. This R has the upgraded brakes same as the CSS i believe but the brakes on my CS were good enough for the power it had and never had an issue with them.
  4. Ah, i've just joined the beta bandwagon so i will check and see if it pops up.
  5. How did you do this with carista and is that a 7 or 7.5?
  6. The paddles in the pic are from S2t, I have different paddles which are essentially vwr copies from good old China and fit very well. It was the old stuck on jobs I was trying to get off that did the damage. Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  7. Hi All, I've been a bit heavy handed when swapping out my oem plastic paddles for alu jobs and managed to break a bit of the rocker switch and the pin. It still works but the paddle is a bit loose. Can you buy these from anywhere other than VW as i guess they will be hugely expensive?. its the black plastic bit in the pic i'm after, even a part number would be handy for now.
  8. It just doesn't drive the same, the power delivery is nothing like the R, it sounds - well crap to be honest basically it was a pretty GTi with expensive seats. Yes with a map and a few tweeks it probably would be a different machine but i just didn't take to it at all and didn't want to de value it with mods. On the plus side it held its value very well!.
  9. So after selling the Mk7 R i bought a Clubsport 40 which really didn't cut it so i took the plunge and bought a MK7.5 R this time in DSG format (a first for me). So far i'm loving the R experience again and look forward to tweeking it a little come time.
  10. I didn't fit them in the end as I couldn't code out the side airbags. I think you can get resistors for the light now however.
  11. Mk5/6 recaro wing backs do fit straight in with no mods
  12. I say your not using them enough and the pads are maybe glazing over. Get them really hot on a very twisty road and the problem should sort itself. Big competition style brakes with fancy pad compounds don't like normal driving they like to get hot.
  13. Sweet. are you going for fixed seats or recliners? Would you pm me contact details and maybe a pic of the kit?
  14. But the old ones do and the light will be on when you swap them. I have looked into this and vagcom can't switch them off so its will have to be a physical solution to the dash light.
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