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  1. I found this so annoying that I ended up removing Car-Net.
  2. Any thoughts on GPF delete or something else downpipe wise?
  3. I’m on 1800 miles so far, exhaust is getting a bit more playful. I took it a little easy for the first few hundred miles, but that’s not to say I didn’t have fun every so often! 🤣
  4. Head office is 150 miles away, only need to go down every fortnight, work from home otherwise. Before that I was doing 1hr 15mins each way, decided I’ve got better things to be doing than travelling to and from work!
  5. I've had it go off perhaps a little too eagerly on a couple of occasions, probably just need to give it a wash though!
  6. Wife surprised me with this, think we’ve both got R fever!
  7. I think we’ve deviated from the point a bit. There’s no two ways about it, put mods on the policy, to not do so isn’t the best idea! 🙂
  8. I don’t think “if you pretend I’m just like an uninsured driver I think you’ll find I’m insured” will really stand up when proving the validity of insurance. You will still not have insurance, you’ll be charged with driving without insurance and your car will get towed. Just declare mods, no pub talk loopholes, simple.
  9. At the time, I was quiet, a bit crackers and I made a good duck sound. Alliteration wins so QuietQuackers.
  10. Surely insurance for a modded car on a policy without mods declared renders the policy invalid as the terms under which it was agreed are false. So none of this certificate/ third party stuff applies. As far as the insurers are concerned, it’s a different car, which they didn’t agree to cover.
  11. Lights are great, much better than previous LEDs I’ve had. Kinda the digital dash, though mostly because it shows more info. Never use the built in nav on it because I think it looks a bit pants!
  12. I think the i is for general car related enquiries to a VW call centre, the spanner is for breakdown assistance and SOS is emergency services.
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