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  1. rodacollier

    Rear Main Seal

    Notorious... anyone doing a clutch replaces it due to that. I bet any dealer would do it for free.
  2. rodacollier

    Door Trim Removal

    If the buzzing is a rattle / squeak noise you can reproduce with putting a little pressure with your fingers on the trim ... you could try what I did when I had that issue with the arm rest - squirt a small amount of wd-40 around the seam and wipe it clean then use a little interior cleaner on the surface area. Prying that trim piece off with a trim tool might break it and then you’d be really pissed. Or it might go back on looser than it fits today. I’ve had my doors off to install speakers and don’t recall being able to see the clips from the backside.
  3. rodacollier

    Changing sound system.

    Replacing factory component speakers with aftermarket speakers that need 50+ RMS watts of power and come with crossovers to manage frequencies is going to sound weak hooked to a factory amp putting out 12-20 RMS ( on a good day ) that has its own crossover built in. The days of just unscrewing speakers and screwing in better ones is no longer.
  4. rodacollier

    Changing sound system.

    I went with the Alpine x902d radio and Jl Audio 8 channel and Mono Amps, Component Speakers and W7 Sub.
  5. rodacollier

    VW Caught out again

    New color, wheels, exhaust ?
  6. rodacollier

    Goodyear ...bringing the fight to Michelin

    Had a pair of F1 Supercar on an SRT and they were a POS and I replaced them with Michelin Super Sports after 10k miles because they were so bad in every category. Would love to see an American brand get it together, but Michelin makes incredible tires that nearly defy physics. '16 MK7 R Manual Uni Stage 2 & BCS Exhaust
  7. rodacollier

    Impressive crash

    I bet that was interesting to see how it got towed. Drag it on its top to where there is room to flip it over? Or find all the owners of the cars on the street and have them clear their cars out? Would this count as a Flip and Run ? [emoji23]
  8. rodacollier

    Golf mk7 Infotainment screen issue

    Take it to the dealer for replacement '16 MK7 R Manual Uni Stage 2 & BCS Exhaust
  9. rodacollier

    Golf mk7 Infotainment screen issue

    What happens when you reboot it by holding down the power button? Comes back ? '16 MK7 R Manual Uni Stage 2 & BCS Exhaust
  10. rodacollier

    Resonator Drone [emoji21]

    I’d recommend looking at the BCS resonator delete pipe. Those guys understand drone and the physics that cause it. '16 MK7 R Manual Uni Stage 2 & BCS Exhaust
  11. rodacollier

    Alpine i902d-G7 or Vw DP 2.5

    Why are you wanting to change your existing head unit? What further audio or video enhancements will you want to do later? '16 MK7 R Manual Uni Stage 2 & BCS Exhaust
  12. rodacollier

    Alpine i902d-G7 or Vw DP 2.5

    Alpine doesnt sell the 902 in the US so I bought the x902d on eBay from Italy and had it installed along with a Dve-5300 at my local audio shop that is an alpine dealer. I also had them install new front and rear speakers ( JL audio cs3 ) and a JL audio xd800 amp and a Jl audio jx1000 sub amp. The installer said it was straight forward and according to instructions, and like their YouTube video. It was time consuming for him to get all this done in a day but he did it. I love the Alpine unit with the full control at your finger tips on crossover, timing, equalization and the CarPlay is perfect! There was no loss of control of the integrated car functions like service schedule, heating and air, dash controls ... Highly recommended... just wish it had the ability to do FM HD in the US market. '16 MK7 R Manual Uni Stage 2 & BCS Exhaust
  13. rodacollier

    Intake Hose Experiences

    IMO and based on my experience with my R - it’s not worth it to make that mod unless you stiffen up the mounts ( reduce engine movement ) and you’ve gone with a drop in performance filter and made the mods to the air box ( reduce restrictions). The OEM mounts allows so much engine movement, especially if you have a manual trans. It’s usually not a problem to allow all that engine movement, but if you go Stage 2 your downpipe could start hitting / rattling due to less clearance and to solve that you often need to stiffen up the mounts. Once you do that you shouldn’t worry about replacing the OEM intake pipe that allows all that flex/movement. '16 MK7 R Manual Uni Stage 2 & BCS Exhaust
  14. rodacollier

    BCS Exhaust / Electronic Actuators

    I used vcds to turn the valves off, never been a problem. The bus valve works off turbo boost. They give you a plate with a nipple on it for their hose and it goes on the boost pipe on the intake side between the pipe and an air sensor. It’s an easy install. A little time consuming to route the vac hose from the exhaust valve up to the front intake and zip tie it up. I drove my car a few days w/o the valve hooked up because I didn’t have time. '16 MK7 R Manual Uni Stage 2 & BCS Exhaust
  15. Ya, audible horsepower only ... VAG OEM resonators are straight through chambers you can see when you hold up to the light and have a side chamber for canceling resonance, using the helmholtz technique '16 MK7 R Manual Uni Stage 2 & BCS Exhaust