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  1. I said this before but I'll say it again anyways, indium grey is my favourite for the facelift. The extra gloss black trim just gives it perfect balance imh. Gorgeous car Gogo.
  2. I'm not really a fan of leather scents, plus I tend to think they smell of wood more than leather. Plus I have cloth seats in my car, it'll be weird smelling leather. But do like that bungie string design under the seat. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Sorry if this is wrong forum section. Was just wondering if anyone can suggest me some options for cabin air fresheners. I'd like something that is hidden/stealthy. Nothing hung on the rearview mirror or such. Don't need specifics on flavour, just it's design. I've used California Scents for a few years but my OCD likes to close the cup holder cover, so need a change. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I saw a same spec red, black prets at a dealer and it was stunning. Excellent choice of colours. If you manage to keep the shirlys away then red looks really special.
  5. I told them, but my warranty is up in 3 months so was not bothered. They did say that there is nothing to be updated anyways and it is NOT standard purcedure to update software. Thought that was odd imo.
  6. I agree, I removed my bolt-ons for a dealer service and have been driving for a week with stock hardware (with Apr stage 1). I feel there is definatly a slight difference, and I miss the swooshes and choo choos.
  7. Can't you just unscrew the ball joint so it sits higher? Many thanks m8, You're doing all the hard work for me.
  8. You have the high torque file or low torque file? I'm on low torque file and get clutch slip only in 6th gear at about 5000rpm, when I get there I would be about 120mph+ so amounts to no problem day to day. If your on high torque, ask your tuner nicely to downgrade to low torque. If they are reputable, I'm sure they will do it for free.
  9. That is fair, but obviously everyone's mechanical experience is different. In my case, the cost of tools and a Sunday outside in this cold weather is not worth it
  10. My car was like that a couple of weeks ago when I punctured. I was silly enough to do a launch and it swirled all over the place. Out of interest, is your space saver a 19inch or 18inch?
  11. i would replace both rear tyres with new ones, and keep the non punctured one as a spare.
  12. For some reason they have started to grow on me now. Still not the car I would buy but I do think it is pretty. Same thoughts i had with the FN2, disliked with a passion at launch but now it is alright. Much better than the FK2. Don't think I will ever like that one.
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