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Facelift Mods


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VW Golf MK 7.5 Facelift


Auto Coming Home Lights

09 Central Electronics
Select – Aussenlicht_Uebergreifend 
Coming Home Verbaustatus - From manual to automatic

Comfort Blinker Cycles

09 - Central Electronics 
Select – Aussenlicht_Blinker
Komfortblinken Blinkzyklen – From 3 to Your chosen value

Note that the acceptable range is 1 to 5 and the default value is 3
*Reset MIB Lighting Setting to Complete 

Off Road Display 

5F - Information Electronics 
Select - Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2

menu_display_compass - set to active (default not active)
menu_display_compass_over_threshold_high - set to active (default not active)

Select - Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2
compass_0x15 - set to active (default not active)

Reset the MIB unit - Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the infotainment unit for greater than 10 seconds.

Driving School Mode in MIB

5F- Information Electronics. 
Select – Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2

menu_ display_ driving_ school - Activate
menu _display _driving _school _over _threshold _high – Activate

DRL Option in MIB

[09] Central Electronics
Select – Aussenlicht_Front
Tagfahrlicht Aktivierung durch BAP oder Bedienfolge moeglich - Activate

Lock/Unlock Sound

[09] Central Electronics

Select ACTIVE for Akustische Rueckmeldung entriegen if you want acoustic feedback for unlock
Select YES for Akustische Rueckmeldung verriegeln if you want acoustic feedback for lock
Select ACTIVE for Menuesteuerung akustische Rueckmeldung (Acoustic lock menu)

In-car procedure:
Press the CAR button on the RHS of the infotainment screen
Select SETUP on the bottom RHS of the screen (looks like a cog)
Select Opening & closing panel
Place a tick in Acoustic confirmation box. The facility can be turned ON/OFF via this switch




Fan Level in AUTO


08 Air condition A/C
Select - Blower Display In Auto Operation – Set to Active




Scandinavian DRL

09 - Central Electrics

Select – Aussenlicht_Front- Tagfahrlicht-Dauerfahrlicht aktiviert zusaetzlich Standlicht – Set to Active

I will continue to check and add 

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5 hours ago, PraggersK said:

Yes on the door strips. They come on at full brightness in the dark but are off during the day. I wondered if they could just be on full time?

I will look into this for you but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't see the blue strip in the day 


Try put your beams on during the day and see if you can see the strip 


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Thanks for the input. 
Is there a rear brake light mod for the facelift ... similar to the Mk 7 ... so that the inner lights show the brake light as well ?

The Five brake light mod that works on the 7 also works on the Facelift.


If the rears are used as DRLs the 2 won’t work together

I’ve got the rears as DRLs and the brake lights are the 6 squares on the outside.
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