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  1. Could be a loose wheel bolt
  2. Can I ask where you bought those rear mats from?
  3. Di you get a photo of these, I am looking at getting a set in silver and would love to see them and know how they are fairing.
  4. RH12ONS

    R Estate

    I believe the Mk7.5’s are spot welded on as it has a slightly different exhaust system but the MK7’s are easily removable as above.
  5. I have looked at CM wheels and like the look of the 18” prets but saw those and liked the look of them. I am presuming they have a larger bore but it is difficult to tell, and it’s difficult to tell with some that you have suggested too. Your link has been really helpful thanks.
  6. I have never bought aftermarket wheels before and had a couple of questions. If you buy a wheel with a larger center bore does this cause any issues? Are centering rings good enough? I am also guessing that the VW center caps will not fit, which I am not a fan of. These are the wheels I am looking at to replace my current Cadiz. https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/alloy-wheels-brands/rial/lucca-60/8x18-et45-5x112-70.1-837906?car=14609 They come in ET45 and ET39, both of which will be better than the current ET51 and will fill the arches better but is ET39 too much?
  7. I think they look great too, one of my Cadiz needs a refurb and I have been considering doing this myself, this may have made up my mind.
  8. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32880310842.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5ce74c4dHIMjDS It comes with the two side pieces and blue inserts and I bought the leather center piece separately. The carbon side inserts I took out of my original as it came with leather inserts. Ideally you need to take the gaiter off and disassemble the parts but if you prize the leather center part off you can get to 3 of the 4 clips, the 4th ones broke of my original getting them off but it the new one clips back in just fine.
  9. i appreciate the tuning capabilities but if you are stock will petrol without Ethanol give you more power and greater efficiency??
  10. I know we are are not filling up right now but I found out recently that Esso Super Unleaded Fuel does not contain any Ethanol - https://www.esso.co.uk/fuels-faqs. Apparently this should lead to more power and better fuel efficiency. I would normally fill up with Shell V Power, is Esso fuel better as it doesn't contain any Ethanol?
  11. So what colour have you gone for?
  12. I have just fitted Akrapovic tips from Ali Express as I was fed up with cleaning them! Sometimes you go days without seeing another wagon, others you see several in a day!
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