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  1. 18" black prets are available direct from TPS, you'll get a better price than the dealers. I could dig through my junk to about a year ago and figure out exactly how much, but it was about £950 all in for all 4 without tyres. here's my original thread:
  2. ChrisH458

    South West Golf Owner

    Originally a Chard boy here (somebody has to be! 🙄) Family still live around there so visit fairly regular... But live in Northumberland now!
  3. ChrisH458

    Gloss black 18” Prets

    Hi Kayar Use the part number off the box on page one of this post. and go through your local TPS (google is your friend here), give them a ring and get quoted - I rang got a price that the guy rounded down (I think originally they were over £1100 for the set), then when I ordered they knocked a little more off too!! I paid just shy of £950 for the set without tyres.
  4. ChrisH458

    New Alloys

    Give your Local TPS a ring, they will normally give you a discount for genuine VW alloys, I picked up a set of 18" black prets and paid a little over £900 all in, through a dealer it would have been well above the 1K line (I think they are circa £275+Vat ea) My thread with pics and part number included is here: Google TPS and use that part number to get a quote... or any you fancy from the part catalogue!
  5. ChrisH458

    ROB2k68 Lapiz R Collection & Build thread

    Like you I deliberated... and snap, chose the H&R hubcentrics (although 10 and 15mm Black as I'm on 18" Black Prets with a different ET, but still maintaining the track offset between front and rear), they are a nice piece of engineering too. Will get round to ECS two piece discs all round and maintain the Black look at some point! Can say I've had no issues from the spacers at all since fitting, and ordered up some new wheel nut covers at the same time through TPS, even with these I found one bolt on each wheel was a loose fitting (didn't matter how i swapped 'em around!), so used a slither of black electrical tape in the caps to restrict the size a little more on the loose bolt heads - they are now a snug fit and touch wood, not lost another yet!
  6. ChrisH458

    VWR Brake Pipes

    So once again a big up and thanks to @AwesomeHassan and the wider awesome team... Dialled up and got a nice 10% off on a full set of Racingline braided brake hoses and as they were in stock I had them in my sticky mitts the very next day via courier! Now that’s service.. And they are a thing of beauty too: These will be fitted with uprated brake fluid next week by the trusty guys at VWX when I get an interim oil and filter plus Haldex clean.
  7. ChrisH458

    Cheap place for VAG parts?

    Awesome advertises them for under 50 sheets along with other retailers (quick google), and generally your local TPS will do trade +vat (cheaper than from dealer who will add a mark up for getting in stock) and some will even round down or offer a discount if collecting in person. If travel to TPS is prohibitive, then a local indie VAG would likely have a TPS account and could be willing to get in stock for you at a cheaper price than dealer. TPS webpage says Gloucester is your nearest outlet based on using listers as the start point not knowing where you are in Worcestershire.
  8. ChrisH458

    Short Shifters!

    Although none of the above... I picked up a NEUSPEED one whilst in the US... And gear shifting is super slick now with a good reduction in shifter throw, would say +of 25% if not significantly more (says up to 40% on website!), this is also available from awesome here: https://www.awesomegti.com/shop-by-brand/neuspeed/neuspeed-short-shift-kit-6-speed-transverse-2006/ and worth considering as cost is not significantly different. just my 2p' worth... either way a nice mod that tightens the gearshift up.
  9. ChrisH458

    Five brake lights.

    Or find someone local with PRO/VCDS and ask them nicely (there's a list in here somewhere) Sorry though, that won't be me unless you are on Hadrians wall this weekend!?!
  10. ChrisH458

    One Red One silver, Hexham

    Yeah, must have been you I waved to the other day at the lights there, I'd have been pothole dodging up the North Tyne to our gaff with the long haired 0alpha on board!
  11. ChrisH458

    BCS Resonator Delete

    Remove the starting 0 and dial with +44 or 0044 (eg +44 174 461 0244, from a mobile/cell)
  12. ChrisH458

    Window seal

    Been some reports on here before.... Possibly birds pecking it, and that would also look somewhat like a drill bit had been gouged in there... and with spring eventually showing face there is a lot of nesting activity, so may well be your culprit!
  13. ChrisH458

    Awesome GTI discount code

    Hi J PM @AwesomeHassan, or give him a call and he will probably sort you out a discounted price, dependant on what it is your after. They don't have discount codes specific, just a forum members % off when you DM/Call.