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  1. g7nickh

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    Maybe i'm wrong but. If they are genuine then should be able to put it into their bank and get a transfer . Easy. Maybe a 1-2k deposit in cash? What normal folk seriously carries that amount of cash nowadays? Knowing a bank won't talk it all at once. Hmm suspicious, best be prudent. Just my 2p worth.
  2. g7nickh

    My 66 plate R (2017 model)

    Time Left: 22 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Due to personal circumstances I'm unhappily having to sell my Golf R mostly I do about 10 miles a week in it at the moment, had many a fabulous trip in this car and has given me many great memories, as I'm sure it will to you as well. here's the stuff you need to know: White! standard interior with the 6.5" MIB2 sat nav with updated maps Nov18 and radio icons. 6SP Manual gearbox - with a quickshift mechanism fitted! much slicker movement than standard 19" Pretoria wheels with the Pzero tyres from new the rest of the spec is standard R Literally just had major service last week @ VW - all good 4mm tread on tyres all round 15% wear on pads 24300 miles (that was on the service record) It's a 66plate 2017 model (as it says on the official VW phone app connected to the VW ODB2 device) never had any fault or issue with the car throughout ownership still under 3 year manufacturer warranty until Sept 2019 always driven slowly whilst engine oil cold <90deg. I got 42.2 mpg a few times if you keep it under 70mph engine oil has been replaced twice more than recommended intervals, one @ 5k miles and one @ 20k approx., the brake fluid had been replaced to remove the factory spongy, over servo'd effect and now much improved pedal feel. has had been detailed with a fine polish and Ceramic coating by Gtechniq applied since new including the wheels with gtechniq exov3 applied afterwards, that was topped up last year and it still looks and beads water amazingly. car always detailed - washed as often as possible, not really any scratches that stand out. front speakers have been upgraded to hertz dieci two way components with sound deadening in the doors - fabulous sound quality better than stock sits on Eibach springs so approx 10-15mm lower than normal - but the ride is still really nice - at the time of fitting a laser 4wheel alignment was performed, which has contributed to the even and unbelievable lack of tyre wear. The front HID headlight bulbs are upgraded Philips 5000k which cost almost £200 last year, and are brighter than the standard ones and brighter than my mrs LED ones. rear exhaust tips are sprayed black the nitty gritty there are a few tiny stone chips here and there on the front bonnet, I try my best to avoid all obstacles a couple of marks under the front bumper, also two of the Pretoria's have some what looks like really minor kerb damage (limited to a 4 - 5 cm) only minor - I always park well away from kerbs so not sure exactly how that happened. and one has a scrub mark but no damage the other is spotless , that's the thing with running super low profile tyres I guess. there is a small parking door ding on the rear drivers side arch (as in tiny can only see it in some directions) I'll try to get more pics up soon. It is on VW finance so you would have to pay them. any questions then fire away. pls no silly low offers for cash etc.



  3. g7nickh

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    How interesting, my clutch has started slipping @ 24k miles. Although it was with jb1 fitted. Which is now removed. This sounds like a limitation of the clutch to me.
  4. g7nickh

    JB1 in VW Golf R MK7

    Had a jb1 rev2 since car about 2 months old, been running fine on map 6 for 2.5 years. Much noticebly quicker in all gears (manual gbx). Not had any issues, also turbo elbow pipe and high flow air filter. All the performance you'll ever need on the road.
  5. g7nickh

    Changing sound system.

    Front speakers are 6.5" 16.5cm. [emoji41] 4ohm the tweeters were 1" ones I believe. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  6. g7nickh

    Changing sound system.

    I've upgraded my front speakers with hertz component speakers, in a custom mdf mounting ring, plus a load of sound deadening. Much improved soundstage the bass is great and volume goes really high. The hertz are easy to drive with factory amp. Easy upgrade. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  7. g7nickh

    Driveway resonator delete

    Drove the rear of mine up on ramps on the drive and did the res delete. No issues really, easy to do. Plenty of room. Bought the cheaper one off eBay £50, only thing was the supplied clamp wasn't man enough so had a slight leak for a while..eventually changed all good now. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  8. g7nickh

    Short Shifters!

    Hi. I've installed the forge one on my 16 R. Had the other but for left right adjust.. set them all to maximum reduction and then filled all the gaps in the rubber bushes with adhesive. Just right and has made I would say a 25% reduction in movement. I'm really happy with it.. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. Here's mine on a 18.5k Sept 2016 manual R.. just changed today.. just less than 500ml of oils came out, caught it all.. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. g7nickh

    JB1 adjustment on phone app

    okay I see now - makes sense. thanks fti .. think i'll keep using my laptop for the time being.
  11. g7nickh

    Back to standard?

    Was thinking about the same thing.. you never get money back on mods - my thought was take them all off and sell separately.. most non petrolheads have no idea, or wouldn't know what it all meant, and maybe would walk away from a 'modded' car VW dealers may also get funny about mods. I'll prob leave my eibachs on and maybe res delete. Perhaps if you sell on specialist sites then it's worth leaving them on or mentioning them. saying that I sold my mk7 GTD via my VW dealer to get my R and left eibachs on, and brembo discs - no one noticed or asked.. As a seller should you mention any changes from the norm? - for future insurance - warranty reasons, but saying that they the buyer should also check. imo - condition and mileage and service history is key..
  12. g7nickh

    JB1 adjustment on phone app

    which adapter is this - would be great to use android phone..and do you need any software on phone - have JB1
  13. g7nickh

    Ceramic coated today ....😁

    very nice... Applied ceramic protection using gtechniq CSL & exov3 myself 20 months ago and its still looking good and minimal scratches and beading etc..took a whole weekend to do..
  14. g7nickh

    Snow Driving

    Race mode.. in fact it hasn't come off race mode since Sept 2017 when new.. itching to get some snow and large empty space then traction off and go for 4 wheel drifts...
  15. That's good.. I would say based on the tyre depths you go around more rh bends than left.. Guess depends how u drive.. and how many miles... Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk