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  1. mine started slipping @ 24k but that was with a JB1 fitted.. took it back to standard and seemed ok, until I sold the car for other reasons. take it for a drive and floor it onto mway and change gear and see if it slips, or get a warranty..
  2. wow, yeah neighbours tried, but the thugs were going to steal it regardless. all the stories I heard of R's being stolen did make me slightly nervous.. sold my 'R' for other reasons. I wonder if the older R32's or mk6 R's are also stolen a lot?
  3. Hi. Thanks.. Yes will be keeping my options open. Just realised I sold it with the manual quickshift still installed, and eibach springs installed. Oh well. Hope the next owner enjoys it.. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. boo hoo. the R has left 2 half years of joy. several circumstances dictated it had to go, I wish it wasn't the case. but many fond memories: track driving bit of modding detailing the way it went and handled the sounds I love those 19" prets ! hmmm tasty. so practical. easy to use people wanting to race me! ha ha - no way with the JB1 and other stuff !! no problems at all with the car - well maybe used quite some fuel took it for a last spin through the south wales mountains, up through the mist into snow and sheep etc etc, traction control off and it was just f.a.b. what a blast! 24500 miles - still 4mm tread on all of the tyres (not sure how that happened?) enjoyed this forum too, what will I get next - nothing for 5-6 months as cycle to work - work from home or borrow the mrs car. did take the Hyundai i30N fastback for spin recently, lively thing and I really liked it - but whaaat - torque steer and tramlining - and it did feel very notably slower the the R, oh the R.. oh well..
  5. Maybe i'm wrong but. If they are genuine then should be able to put it into their bank and get a transfer . Easy. Maybe a 1-2k deposit in cash? What normal folk seriously carries that amount of cash nowadays? Knowing a bank won't talk it all at once. Hmm suspicious, best be prudent. Just my 2p worth.
  6. How interesting, my clutch has started slipping @ 24k miles. Although it was with jb1 fitted. Which is now removed. This sounds like a limitation of the clutch to me.
  7. Had a jb1 rev2 since car about 2 months old, been running fine on map 6 for 2.5 years. Much noticebly quicker in all gears (manual gbx). Not had any issues, also turbo elbow pipe and high flow air filter. All the performance you'll ever need on the road.
  8. Front speakers are 6.5" 16.5cm. [emoji41] 4ohm the tweeters were 1" ones I believe. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. I've upgraded my front speakers with hertz component speakers, in a custom mdf mounting ring, plus a load of sound deadening. Much improved soundstage the bass is great and volume goes really high. The hertz are easy to drive with factory amp. Easy upgrade. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  10. Drove the rear of mine up on ramps on the drive and did the res delete. No issues really, easy to do. Plenty of room. Bought the cheaper one off eBay £50, only thing was the supplied clamp wasn't man enough so had a slight leak for a while..eventually changed all good now. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  11. Hi. I've installed the forge one on my 16 R. Had the other but for left right adjust.. set them all to maximum reduction and then filled all the gaps in the rubber bushes with adhesive. Just right and has made I would say a 25% reduction in movement. I'm really happy with it.. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. Here's mine on a 18.5k Sept 2016 manual R.. just changed today.. just less than 500ml of oils came out, caught it all.. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. okay I see now - makes sense. thanks fti .. think i'll keep using my laptop for the time being.
  14. Was thinking about the same thing.. you never get money back on mods - my thought was take them all off and sell separately.. most non petrolheads have no idea, or wouldn't know what it all meant, and maybe would walk away from a 'modded' car VW dealers may also get funny about mods. I'll prob leave my eibachs on and maybe res delete. Perhaps if you sell on specialist sites then it's worth leaving them on or mentioning them. saying that I sold my mk7 GTD via my VW dealer to get my R and left eibachs on, and brembo discs - no one noticed or asked.. As a seller should you mention any changes from the norm? - for future insurance - warranty reasons, but saying that they the buyer should also check. imo - condition and mileage and service history is key..
  15. which adapter is this - would be great to use android phone..and do you need any software on phone - have JB1
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