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  1. Thanks Nathan I would keep it as it for now and just enjoy the car. Currently car pulls strong enough for me with 32-33PSI on TT V5, TVS DSG made it even more easy to drive, which I totally LOVE it
  2. Made a video to see how smooth the gear changing is with TVS DQ381 stage3, just amazing
  3. Mine has full APR exhaust system. TBH, it is quite loud with valves open. With ECO mode & valves close, for me it is acceptable but still a little bit loud, also there is rattle sound from valves when close which is very annoying. About the rattle issue, APR have revised adapter to avoid that. With valves open drone is there around 2500RPM but after that you can hear all the noise is outside the car.
  4. Everything is better, full throttle shift is quicker as i can hear the shifting sound being short, also dsg fart sound is different. The logic of shifting is smarter too, it will downshift automatically when cruising high speed coming to lower speed, so you can feel faster throttle respond once you put the gas pedal immediately. The kick down lag happening on DQ381 is solved as well, before the TVS I could feel there was timing delay right after kick down, but now I can feel no more.
  5. Finally got my car back from TVS Engineering dealer here in Taiwan today, running TVS stage3 now. What a HUGE difference compared to stock file. Smarter & MUCH quicker gear shifting, also DSG fart sound is different
  6. Mine just done with TVS stage 3 TCU and everything is fine. Actually the first file was good enough just shifting point when light throttle needed to be modified to 2500RPM.
  7. I believe they have ton of experience of tuning DQ380/381 since this gearbox came out in China, and I don't hear bad things on Chinese social media. The only problem our local TVS has met is, that 2019 R is with different software number (too new) on DQ381, which caused file flashing cannot be done.
  8. What is your boost setting at? IMO, that LOBA is a good upgrade for your fueling since your stock HPFP went fault About the aftermarket clutch kit, I think this is not necessary as you are not running 600+ NM torque, which the DQ250 can hold your current torque just fine with correct DSG software. What is that mean by "engine is holding"? Engine speed is stuck at higher RPM and does not go next gear?
  9. The new gauge setup is so cool, LOVE IT Left is Aquamist flow gauge and the right one is AEM boost gauge. The new PagParts LPFP is being installed, hopefully I can gain some more boost and timing from running upgraded HPFP and LPFP [
  10. Decided to go more power with high & low pressure fueling upgrade APR HPFP is here and waiting on PagParts Walbro 525 LPFP. Some pictures sent by PagParts for the LPFP-
  11. Happy new year 2019 Some more new stuff arrived- APR HPFP for more fueling. Still waiting on PPT LPFP so I can get engine software adjusted with more boost & timing APR 7.5R Catback, the quality is top notch and sounds AMAZING. At idle with valves close it sounds a little bit louder than stock catback with valve open. With light throttle the volume is acceptable for night (good neighbor ) living in the quiet place, this is very important for me.
  12. You would definitely reach to that target with no doubt A friend of mine is running IMS710 with DQ250 and result is similar as your target, and yours is IMS780
  13. Mine just installed TT V5, I would say this is a GREAT turbo, and boost comes very early For the preparation I have done before V5- APR DP, APR intercooler, R600 intake, aquamist water meth direct port 4 + 1 jets setup. Currently I am running only boost 2.0-1.9bar without HPFP & LPFP upgrade and it seems running good just by looking at the logs just some tiny knocks. But I think I would do APR HPFP next month to see if it can clean all the small knocks to zero on all four cylinders.
  14. so I took out the turbosmart DV and installed back the OEM DV that came with the TT V5. The reason is that, when car was in tuning process we faced some issue with controlling boost, boost will keep going up slowly after peak boost, so I saw my boost peak at 2.1bar but instead of going down the boost came up from 2.1bar to 2.4bar then I let off the gas pedal as I was worried my pistons coming up from my engine . After OEM DV is installed, the issue gone and boost will taper to 1.9bar from 2.1bar peak. The turbosmart DV was GOOD when I was stock turbo IS38 but no idea how this DV made such big difference when using bigger turbo. BTW, I have found that there is a hole which is MUCH MUCH smaller compared to OEM DV, thinking of the small hose on turbosmart DV causing boost coming out not soon enough so boost keep going up .
  15. YES!! I LOVE this feeling, moving so fast with 2.1-1.9bar
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