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  1. the best way to find out if you need DSG software or not is to make some logs. Also, I dont think you need 16bar clamping pressure to hold the stage2 power torque. I was only 15-16bar clamping pressure when TVS stage3 file. BTW, I am running hybird turbo with 2.3bar. Try to make logs and see if clutch temps goes up fast, below is an example when I logged mine with TVS stage3 file.
  2. the akra came with 2 factory valve modules, not like other aftermarket one that come without modules and you will need to take those from your original back box.
  3. You will just need to change your downpipe to highflow DP or catless DP, I have tried both on my 500WHP setup 7.5r with no issue. IMO, I could feel that my car pulls harder with catless DP but I really dont like the smell so I changed back to 200CEL cat DP just aviod that smell.
  4. My tuner Hurricanesport did this for me, but they are located here in Taiwan I believe this will be more and more popular as the developer is in Europe. It is super easy to switch software when you want to run either race fuel or normal fuel.
  5. It is just so convenient. I can switch maps on the fly with just 3-4s
  6. Currently I am running 89mm catless DP and yes that is the stock resonator. IMO stock resonator is the best muffler, it made the general sound a lot lower even with catless DP, it sounds just a bit louder than stock if throttle is light
  7. TurboTechnics V5. PS: I always update mod list on first page
  8. Long time without update Currently car is at the point I am really satisfied to drive. Handling is perfer after Unibrace XBQ & UBQ fitted, car does not feel like race car that rigid but still have a bit flexible so it is not that uncomfortable when drive uneven road. Performace / power is amazing and I think I will stick with current power or just run lower as I would install back APR catted DP for lower exhaust sound and most important, the catless smell, which is very annoying. Due to catted DP, I will ask tuner to lower my boost a bit just for engine safety, but we will see after catted DP is fitted and do some logs to confirm.
  9. It's been long time without modding my car, so excited APR 19" forged wheels CSF larger radiator to lower engine and DSG coolant temps
  10. Finally got the UNIBRACE XBQ fitted. I would have to cut 4 small holes on the interior instead of removing all back seats for install. I must say it is great combo together with UNIBRACE UBQ (the one on the chassis), I can def feel the car is much more stable especially when car pass through the bumps. The best thing is that I can still pull back and seat and looks like stock 😄😄😄
  11. Yeah TBH I am a fan of Unibrace 😄 My previous car AUDI A3 was using their stuff (UB + XB) as well, and there's clearly big difference I could feel after fitted. Still in progress...
  12. Since my power target has reached and I do not want to build my engine for more power, I was looking at brace that can truely improve handling and stability with nice looking (), then I found this - Unibrace UBQ I can feel the car is more rigid even I am on COMFORT mode, the ride quality is totally changed. Currently I am still waiting on another one (https://unibrace.com/product/series-xb/xbq/) to be installed as it requires more time to drill & install so I have to ask shop to do the install for me. I was thinking of RacingLine's rear body brace before but a friend of mine just installed at the weenked on his MK7.5R, both we went out for test and felt it does not improve that much, and I would say it is more looking than performance.
  13. I knew this guy did it on his mk7r https://www.instagram.com/p/Bsyj-_8HpmW/
  14. Some sticker mods Car was on the dyno last weekend to see the torque reduction during shifting, and YES it does make much better shifting and car pulls much stronger with clutch clamped thanks to my tuner. This dyno sheet you can find the difference between two TVS and current one I am running. Red line is TVS DSG file, blue is what I am running now. This video was made when we doing 2 > 3 > 4 gear changes to see the torque reduction. This video was 4th gear WOT, akra sounds MAD
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