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  1. Read many reviews about this and decided to give a go, some said it will make a few more HP but I bought this not for the power but smoothing the engine, which is good for our motor
  2. That was my favorite part when someone in USA remote tuned my car using Eurodyne, I have learnt a lot from doing it, which was quite enjoyable Please keep us posted about the result
  3. I believe it depends on what dyno they were running on, some dyno makes lower number but some makes higher. What fuel you are running with this dyno? just pump gas with water meth? or using the race gas?
  4. I would replace the clutch pack first and see
  5. How long the current clutch pack is using now? Millage? Maybe it's worn bad and needs to be replaced like you said since you are running HO file. Mechatronics unit is possible too as it is very weak when in high temps which can be brought by clutch slipping.
  6. Haha thanks mate, I just don't like spending too much money on the car appearance except those with performance increase like lightweight carbon hood or light wheels. Maxton is fine for me since they are price friendly and looking good
  7. It's been long time without update Update 1- Did some improvement with 4 more water jets at intake manifold for a little bit more fueling. Also, changed Aquamist controller to boost based version for better & easier adjustment. Update 2- Swapped to LHD version turbo inlet hose. I was using RHD hose at the beginning with some modification in order to get it fitted with TT V5. Thankfully TT has released LHD one for us LHD car. Update 3- Fitted Maxton Design body kit, that rear diffuser looks so mean Update 4- Took out APR downpipe and catback and swapped back to stock catback with de-cat downpipe, APR is good and I love the sound but I am now more leaning to quieter sounds and still looking for option. Currently the combination of decat DP and stock catback is great.
  8. Sorry for the late reply as I was in business trip oversea last two weeks. The spacers I am running are 10mm front & rear, and they were local made here in Taiwan with no branding. Quality is good to me since I don't feel any vibration at HIGH speed Haha yes the tune is a little bit aggressive with lower timing advance. I asked my tuner to lower my timing a bit as I don't running the car with meth ON all the time just hot summer, so that I don't need to worry I cant WOT when meth is empty
  9. Great choice!! Their TVS DQ381 software is just awesome that I enjoy every time when I drive the car
  10. Check with TVS Engineering for the DSG tune, or others who can get DQ381 tuned according to your habit. In my case, I drive in D most of time and I was not so satisfied how the standard DSG software works. I went with TVS DSG tune which made my driving experience totally different now, I asked TVS to modify my shifting point from 2000-ish to 2500RPM so the gear does not go high when low speed driving in the city, but I believe there is something more in it with their Drivabilty improvement option which makes car much more smarter.
  11. Thanks Nathan I would keep it as it for now and just enjoy the car. Currently car pulls strong enough for me with 32-33PSI on TT V5, TVS DSG made it even more easy to drive, which I totally LOVE it
  12. Made a video to see how smooth the gear changing is with TVS DQ381 stage3, just amazing
  13. Mine has full APR exhaust system. TBH, it is quite loud with valves open. With ECO mode & valves close, for me it is acceptable but still a little bit loud, also there is rattle sound from valves when close which is very annoying. About the rattle issue, APR have revised adapter to avoid that. With valves open drone is there around 2500RPM but after that you can hear all the noise is outside the car.
  14. Everything is better, full throttle shift is quicker as i can hear the shifting sound being short, also dsg fart sound is different. The logic of shifting is smarter too, it will downshift automatically when cruising high speed coming to lower speed, so you can feel faster throttle respond once you put the gas pedal immediately. The kick down lag happening on DQ381 is solved as well, before the TVS I could feel there was timing delay right after kick down, but now I can feel no more.
  15. Finally got my car back from TVS Engineering dealer here in Taiwan today, running TVS stage3 now. What a HUGE difference compared to stock file. Smarter & MUCH quicker gear shifting, also DSG fart sound is different
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